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Been trying to make contact with Kristian at amigo cars. He is not replying to emails. Tried ringing today to find out that the staff don't know where he is. They very very cagey. His wife was upset as I was cross examining an employee there and then the phone went dead. Something is going on! Anyone got any recent news about them? Would appreciate it.

I believe that the owner of Amigo Cars passed away about ten days ago.

Commented Helsie in La Marina 2014-11-25 15:41:34 UTC

Thank you for letting about Kristian passing away. But does anyone know if Amigo cars is still trading, I.e. Is his wife running it? Thank you

Commented chelseagirl.holley7 in La Linea 2014-12-10 09:53:29 UTC


Does anyone know this person jamesjonesinfinity I need to contact them urgently. (nothing wrong) I am just looking for some information and help regarding a previous comment on here. please email me at if you know this person. I just need help.

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